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Order of Service Templates

LILAC & WHITE designs attractive order of service templates in Boho. Select your templates online

Order of Service TEMPLATES

Orders of Service are such a useful little bit of information for guests. It can be something to gaze at whilst they’re waiting for the bride to appear (a gentle distraction), as well as giving them a taste of what’s to come in the ceremony itself. It’s also a tool to highlight other details such as listing the wedding party - parents, ushers, bridesmaids etc. This will help guests become familiar with who’s who. Other useful information in the Order of Service design could be the timings of the day, e.g. when the speeches are happening, sitting down for dinner etc. This gives guests comfort in knowing how the day and evening will unfold.  In our Order of Service designs we have given examples of various content. When purchasing any Order of Service design, your content does not have to follow our wording. We often get asked to add further pages to a booklet or mix up a couple of designs. Please enquire for a quote stating quantity should you think you might need this. We work closely with customers to ensure they are happy with the final product before the Order of Service artwork goes into print production.